Grand Chef 岸本直人Naoto Kishimoto

Born in Tokyo
His first step as a 'cuisinier'(cook) was in the so-called 'yoshoku'(western style cuisines) restaurant in Tokyo.
Studied French cuisine under Hiroyuki Sakai, a famous chef of 'La Rochelle' in Shibuya with his interest triggered by a famous TV program of NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation), 'Cooks for the Emperor'.
Moved to France and obtained rich experiences as a 'cuisinier' in 'La Promenade' in Loire, 'Fauche' in Paris, ‘L'Espérance') in Vézelay, Bourgogne, and other fine restaurants in France.
Returned to Japan and contributed to the establishment of 'Austral' as sous-chef (vice chef)
Appointed as chef of 'Austral'.
November, 2006
Opened 'L'Embellir' in Minami-Aoyama.
Obtained 'one star' in the famous Michelin guidebook of Tokyo, 2008 version.
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